Due to COVID 19 restrictions, all sessions are currently being conducted online. We hope to see you back indoors soon. Kind Regards, The Wiz Fit Team


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"Great people, great atmosphere and great trainers." - Jennifer Tree (Wiz Fit Member)



About Wiz Fitness

Wiz Fitness was created by head trainer Kyle Hylton to motivate and inspire people to look better, feel better and most importantly be better. 

It all started with an idea to record fitness videos from his bedroom and from here the Wiz Fitness YouTube channel was born. The Wiz Fitness channel now boasts over 4 million views and 25,000 subscribers. 

All levels welcome...

Wiz Fitness offers an array of services from online coaching, one to one personal training and small group training sessions.

Providing expert fitness and nutrition coaching online and in the Croydon area for men and women seeking to become the best version of themselves. It doesn't matter what stage of your fitness journey you are at. Wiz Fitness caters to all fitness levels and you can be assured that your program will be tailored to your specific needs every step of the way.


Why Wiz Fitness?

We understand that everyone is unique so we undertake a thorough analysis for each of our clients to ensure every programme is bespoke and supported with all the attributes needed for fitness success. 

The Wiz Fit community is a fun and friendly environment where being yourself is an absolute requirement. We encourage you to express yourself and be confident about who you are. You are more than just a member to us, you are family!


Helping you reach your health and fitness goals in a safe and effective way is our no.1 priority.

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Wiz Fit Trainers

Kyle Hylton


Kyle Hylton is the Creator and Founder of Wiz Fitness.

Kyle has been a PT for over 9 years and has an undeniable passion for fitness.

His aim with Wiz Fitness is to make the World a fitter and healthier place, one person at a time. 

"Wiz Fitness was created because I wanted people to learn and train the right way. There's so much information out there, it's difficult as a consumer to know which sources to trust. 

Wiz Fitness is a hub where people can learn the correct information and train properly while also feeling a part of a community. I always tell my clients that with the right knowledge, comes the right results" 

Training with him will ensure you are learning the right way by gaining the knowledge needed to help you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and safe way. All his workouts are varied, fun but challenging and he will definitely push you to your limits.


More Fit. More Life.



Phone: 07721 868 250
Address: Change Foundation, Plough Lane, Croydon, Wallington SM6 8JQ
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