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(Fierce Interval Tension Training) 

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About Wiz Fitness

Wiz Fitness was created by head trainer Kyle Hylton to motivate and inspire people to look better, feel better and most importantly be better. 

It all started with an idea to record fitness videos from his bedroom and our YouTube channel was born June 2011. 7 years later and the channel has now accumulated over 3.5 million views with 21,000+ Wiz Fits around the World. 

Wiz Fitness now boasts an array of services from online coaching & 1-1 personal training to our signature WIZ FITT® class running exclusively to Sound Fitness Studios.

Why the WIZ FITT® class Works?

Our 30 minute high intensity fitness class has been designed to bring out your peak mental and physical performance. With the combination of strength training and high bursts of anaerobic exercise, our workouts are guaranteed to make you fitter, leaner and stronger.


Not only will you burn calories during class, but also post workout. Due to the intensity of our workout and the way our class has been designed, we are able to increase your bodies resting metabolism creating the

"Afterburn Effect"  

The afterburn effect also known as EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) can have you continuing to burn calories anywhere from 10 to 72 hours after you have finished your workout.

Head Trainer

Kyle Hylton



Kyle Hylton is the Creator and Founder of Wiz Fitness.

Kyle has been a PT for over 6 years and has an undeniable passion for fitness.

His aim with Wiz Fitness is to make the World a fitter and healthier place, one person at a time. 

In his own words...

"Wiz Fitness was created because I wanted people to learn and train the right way. There's so much information out there, it's difficult as a consumer to know which sources to trust. 

Wiz Fitness is a hub where people can learn the correct information and train properly while also feeling a part of a community. I always tell my clients that with the right knowledge, comes the right results" 




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